My house has been invaded by ants. Not the big, nasty carpenter ants, but the tiny, black, almost-can’t-see-em sugar ants: we get them every June. It usually only lasts for a week or two: they congregate around the kitchen sink, for the water and the dropped crumbs, and I clean like a crazy woman and buy some ant traps, and they eventually disappear. Why June? I have no idea. Is this when they have a big population spike after the long, cold winter? Does it finally get dry enough outside that they have to go searching for water and they particularly like the piquant flavor of my kitchen tap? Or is it…. Strawberry Season?

Because, honestly, I can’t blame them. The smells coming out of my kitchen over the last couple of days have been nothing short of Pied Piper-esque. I’m surprised we don’t have deer, raccoons and chipmunks lining up…

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